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Paragon game

Paragon Game Info:

Paragon is a combination of action game with elements of MOBA. Production was created by Epic Games, studio known from games such as Unreal Tournament or Gears of War. Action Paragon takes us into the distant future, where people are not impressed implantation operations cybernetic implants. Modifying one's own body is at the stage of substitution of whole organs or limbs mechanical converters. Gameplay mechanic in Paragon is slightly different from traditional representatives of MOBA genre. Aim and control of character was realized on the pattern of action games. Furthermore during the fights need make tactical decisions that affect ourse of the skirmish. At beginning of the game you have to choose one of the characters, of course, everyone has different skills and weapons, such as firearms, magic, arch or melee weapon and shield. Skill tree allows for a significant change of style hero, you can exchange for new skills. Paragon is a game focused on multiplayer mode in which two five people team compete against each other. So, your task is to destroy enemy base, where three roads lead. On the map are scattered guard towers and a group of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. Naturally, you have to beat them to move on. Game has superior graphic design and it is all thanks to a new graphics engine that is Uneral Engine 4. Game is available on PC and PS4. Paragon Early Access is already available but to get it you need to buy one of the founder's packs.

Paragon system requirements:


  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 6870 equivalent DX11 GPU
  • 1 GByte VRAM
  • Core i5 2.5 Ghz
  • 4 GByte RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit


  • Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870 equivalent DX11 GPU
  • 2 GByte VRAM
  • Core i5 2.8 Ghz
  • 8 GByte RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit

Paragon Early Access

Paragon Early Access for Free

Currently, Paragon is available as an early access and on weekends. To get Paragon early access you must purchase one of the above founder's pack, or you can use our site and get Paragon Early Access Key even for free. As you can see, there are 3 founder's packs in different prices. One of these founder's packs is necessary to get Paragon early acces, so if you do not want to spend money (minimum €20 / $20 for normal founder's pack, or even €100 / $100 for the master founder's pack) just use tool from our website and get Paragon early acces key for free.

Get Paragon Early Access PC and PS4 (Download links and key will be sent to your email address)

Get Paragon Early Access PC and PS4

Each package contains different content.

Paragon Founder's Packs Content

  1. Destynation
  2. XBastardX
    • Johny
  3. moskal
    • Danny
      • moskal
  4. Ross
    • Socross
  5. BobyUK

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